About Us

VPEF is a community interest company which offers payroll solutions nationally and internationally. It is a limited company established in 2013 in the UK.

VPEF stands for Virtuous People Empowering Forum. We believe in giving back to the community through allocation of a percentage of income. It fosters young and creates opportunity in its workplace through an apprenticeship programme.

VPEF’s business model is tightly integrated with the community.

Our empowering programme enables our clients and partners to complete their CSR effortlessly. Under this “give and take” relationship we take care of your payroll related problems such as managing employee payments both nationally and internationally, managing tax obligations, and ensuring your organization is compliant with new laws such as GDPR. We are here to provide you with the best solutions via consultations and trainings. In return as part of your payment, you help us prepare and empower the future generation.

VPEF’s director, Madeline Johnson ACIPP member, does charity and participates in social causes. By revolving her business around the community, she has transformed her passion into a noble cause.

Our Strategic Partnerships

VPEF has established strategic partnerships with leading payroll solution providers to ensure we provide the best in terms of payroll solutions and training. In 2016, we partnered with Global Payroll Solutions. Under this partnership we collaborate to create and add more value to our clients with the goal of providing cost effective global payroll solutions. We provide global payroll training both in-house and publicly.

Our Team

VPEF’s team is multi-cultural and understands the challenges of doing business across multiple continents. Their payroll expertise offers firms a highly professional global payroll service and generates the income that allows them to provide support to young people who need help. Our consultants have 20 years of experience working closely with clients and helping them achieve their goals of improving employee engagement and satisfaction and streamlining their business functionality.

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