Expatriate Payroll Management

If you have staff going to work abroad or coming to the UK to work, then it is essential for you to know what information is required when your employee either goes overseas or returns to the UK after completing a project. This course is suitable for you to get acquainted with dealing with their payrolls and other legislation to avoid extra tax deductions and other penalties. The UK Tax rules and HMRC guidance changes from time to time. So it is essential to keep up to date, with any new updates.

Expatriate Payroll

This course contains HMRC guidance and instructions, UK Tax rules, Real-Time Information (RTI) implications, the entitlement of statutory payments, and rights to work in the UK. The course aims to help you understand how to send your data to HMRC accurately, to avoid fines and penalties. And the course will also acquaint you with any new UK legislation such as GDPR.

Inpatriate Payroll

This course is aimed at employers who have an employee come from abroad in the UK to work. This covers the RTI implications for both inpatriate and expatriate employees, necessary rules and regulations of overseas workers coming to the UK, HMRC guidance, tax allowances and restrictions.


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