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UK Payroll Training and Consulting

We are a UK based Payroll and Account professionals offering businesses and individuals payrolls services such as implementing national and international payroll systems and payroll procedures, payroll governance management, payroll training and events. We are qualified Accountants and Payroll Managers who had worked in various industries for more than 20 years.

We offer three pillars of payroll services:

Payroll management which includes payroll training
Payroll consulting and systems implementation
Payroll accounting and book-keeping to all business sizes.

Through our ‘Virtuous’ concept, we have kept our payroll solution simple, straightforward, cost-effective, easy to manage and sustain.

We believe in going that extra mile!


You will obtain the expertise of our seasoned professionals who have your best interest at heart. Our training prices are competitive. We know our way around taxation and legislation in over 40 countries.


Our UK payroll solution is simple and straightforward. We go straight to the centre of the issue. VPEF offers their clients high value added and excellent customer service. We believe in going that extra mile!

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GDPR is the new EU legislation for data protection covering the UK’s Data protection act 1998. It is enforced in the UK from 28 May 2018. Those who are non-compliant to GDPR are being penalised with €20 Million or 4% of global turnover (whichever is greater). So, make your organisation GDPR compliant with us. The sooner, the better!

UK Payroll Management

In the UK, payroll and HR legislations are in continuously changing. Organisations are responsible for remaining updated on these new changes.

For SMEs

In the UK, payroll and HR legislations are in continuous change. Obtain the latest updates on payroll management to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Irish Payroll Management

This course is designed to meet the needs of those who have little or no experience in Irish payroll management.

For SMEs

This course is designed for business owners who process the Irish payroll in their businesses.


If you outsource your work to foreign countries or if your employees are internationally based, payroll management can become a hurdle. Inefficient management can affect employee engagement and satisfaction.


We offer hands-on payroll management consulting to help businesses improve their overall payroll performances. We operate primarily by analysing our client’s problems and developing solutions for improvement.

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