VPEF Coronavirus Preparedness

Dear Valued Client,

Amidst the Coronavirus (CoV) pandemic, VPEF understands the importance of the reliability of its clients to its services and stands on its clients’ side to support them and assure that their business is progressing smoothly. CoV is a large family of viruses (among them COVID-19) that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases.

VPEF is monitoring COVID-19 progression and government decisions in safeguarding the population. As a critical partner to your business, we will do our best to fulfil our duties towards you in providing services required for the sustainability of your companies.

VPEF has provided flexible and adequate working conditions to its employees (working from home, video links and phone) by minimising the risk of infection from COVID-19. The objective is to support our associates, clients, and their employees effectively without putting their health at risk. At VPEF, we have been monitoring COVID-19 developments closely through local authorities, the U.K. government decisions, and the World Health Organization. We have taken our responsibilities to maintain a safe work environment for our associates and to sustain our business operations in this evolving COVID-19 situation.

Security, safety and well-being are integral to our business processes and office. We always mobilise maximum effort to maintain a robust, comprehensive and resilient business program managed by a devoted team of specialists who are committed to continuing running our operations smoothly to support you with the best possible service.

Frequently Asked Question

What is VPEF doing in response to COVID-19?

In the uncertainty of the timeline of COVID-19 pandemic, VPEF is closely monitoring the evolution of the situation by following mainstream media and the government recommendations to maintain a safe work environment in our facilities and to sustain our business operations.

VPEF has put in place a flexible work contingency plan to continue running its business and support its clients and associates:

  • Employees can work remotely from home
  • The coordinated plan agreed with our clients in the way to deliver their services
  • Effective communication and best practice to prevent unnecessary contact from preventing the spread of any illness
  • Eliminating or reducing all non-essential business travel

What is VPEF’s flexible contingency plan?

·VPEF flexible contingency plan can adapt various types of threat situations, including pandemic planning; therefore, we put in place:

  • Guidelines for our employees and clients to protect themselves from infectious diseases
  • A strong communication strategy, we discuss with our clients to agree on the way to operate
  • Facility preparedness: cleaning and spraying to eliminate eventual contaminants
  • In-house scientist updates us with required information about COVID-19 and deploys intelligence to our collaborators
  • VPEF encourages its employees and associates to compile with its social distancing and self-assessment protocols: no unnecessary meeting or contact and systematic use of disinfectants supplied
  • Cancelling or delaying planned travels into infected areas

How will VPEF support clients during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • We are working hard to mitigate any impact this health event could have on our service to clients. VPEF must protect our employees and our clients by proposing alternative ways to get our services and obligations fulfilled. VPEF built a flexible contingency plan to manage such a situation.
  • Having people with diverse backgrounds (finance, science, IT) help in such circumstances. Our employees use their knowledge to adapt and lead the company towards reasonable decisions with the government guidelines.
  • Our IT personal facilitates the remote work, and the scientist is monitoring health and safety, and our operations team keep the payroll ball rolling continuously.
  • We will continue to evaluate the COVID-19 situation and will shift workloads, as necessary, to ensure essential services remain operable.

VPEF is at the forefront of this health crisis and is doing everything on its power to avert the spread of this new coronavirus COVID-19. For any question, do NOT hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,


Strategic Partner, VPEF Ltd

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