Irish Payroll Training

This course is designed to meet the needs of those who have little or no experience in Irish payroll.

This course is beneficial for all those who process Irish payroll.

The class contains:

  • PAYE and PRSI calculations
  • Revenues return forms
  • The process for new employees
  • PRSI credits
  • Universal social surcharge.
  • Late penalties and fines
  • Apprenticeship levies
  • Introduction to PAYE and payroll calculation
  • Paying HMRC
  • Annual PAYE and payroll responsibilities
  • Expenses and benefits management
  • Special payments – incentives, gratuities, holidays
  • Statutory pay and leave management
  • Useful payroll forms

The course aims to deliver an understanding of fundamental differences between UK payroll and Irish payroll, to enable you to calculate gross pay, USC, TAX and PRSI manually.