Middle East and Africa Fully Managed Outsourcing Service

Pay your employees accurately and on time with our Middle East and Africa fully managed outsourced service. Our service will also help to protect your business from compliance challenges and reputational risk.

Our processes and communication is transparent and straightforward. We do the job while you focus on things that matter the most to growing your business and developing your team.

We want to add value to your business continuity and human capital management processes and create operational effectiveness you can audit and measure with ease.

Fully Managed Outsourcing Service

  • Data gathering of new hires, leavers and variables
  • Data processing of taxable and non-taxable pay elements
  • Absence and records management
  • Benefit, compensation and records management
  • Company and Statutory bonuses
  • Payroll and financial report writing
  • Management accounting and reporting solution
  • Month-by-month Gross to net reconciliation
  • Payment of net salary and money movement solution
  • Payments of 3rd party deductions and relationship management and money movement solution
  • Online filing to local Revenues
  • Off-cycle payroll processing
  • Year-end data processing and filing
  • Customisation of reports
  • Change management solution as and when required

For more information, you can contact us online or call us on +44 1217070421. And you can email us at info@vpef.co.uk.

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