Money Movement Services

What we Do...

We deliver when, where and how, as needed. Our money movement services include:

Sending money in 130 currencies to SMEs and multinational companies

Wire payments

Urgent, one-off or recurring salary payments

Mitigating risk

Salary reporting

Revenue compliance

Our money movement services help clients

  • Save money on currency exchanges, fees and rates.
  • Secure exchange rate & projection.
  • Hold money in 39 currencies and enjoy favourable rates.
  • Track your transactions.
  • Create and monitor your customised cash flow movements.

Multiple benefits include:

  • Eliminating the frustrations around local conversion rates.
  • Wire salaries directly to employees’ accounts in 130 currencies.
  • Cash payments - using the streamlined “GlobalPay” platform.
  • Single management fee.
  • Single institution.
  • Single account manager.