Payroll Accounting (HMRC Reporting)

Payroll Accounting

As a young UK company, your strategic goal could include commitments to global expansion, centralising processes, or team development; all of which may result in the implementation of various payroll hubs and a complex management of the Chart of Accounting. Thus, it is important that your end-to-end financial processes, general ledger posting, and control account reconciliations are monitored and supported by specialists to avoid backlogs of unreconciled accounts and auditing issues.

Process mapping and posting

Our experts understand the demands and pressure payroll accounting has on your team and consequently your budgeting. We will offer you an effective action plan which would include your global payroll postings and reconciliations. This service will ensure that changes are dealt with in a timely manner, and best practices and process catalogues are unified and implemented in each department. Our service will help to put in place processes to validate transactions by reviewing the entries for accuracy and authorise such things as payroll tax entries, withholdings and overtime (if applicable) to ensure that transactions occur correctly. The reconciliation or balancing of payroll will include making entries to distribute payroll to the appropriate cost accounts.

Operational effectiveness and readiness

We offer a unique responsibility matrix which includes; RACI, unifying stakeholders processes with HR and payroll, better concept in applying continuous improvement strategy, agility to payroll legislative changes and demands, understanding payroll and finance relationship, the importance of timely and accurate mapping plan per country, reviewing and understanding your payroll output reports provided by your Vendor, and being able to quickly identify and fix mapping and posting issues as they occur.

We will guide and support your team on how to reconcile your global payroll and finance ledgers for salaries, wages, freelancers and employees withholding - for example, national insurance, PAYE, pensions, bonuses, special payments and other flexible benefits (private medical and dental insurance, per diems, entertainment, etc.).