What we offer

What we offer...

Global Payroll Consulting and Training

  • Initial discussion to understand client's needs
  • Signature of Project Contract
  • VPEF assigns payroll project manager
  • Implementation of payroll system with client
  • Recurring payroll service management
  • Training of client's payroll employees
  • Accounting Processing
  • Outputs Management


VPEF offers cost-effective global payroll consulting and training both nationally, in the UK, and internationally. We add value to our client’s business by providing our personalised in-house training and consultancy as per our client’s needs and requirements. We do not leave our client’s side until their goals are met. Within an organisation, employee satisfaction and engagement are key deliverables through our customised payroll solution.

Our simple and easy-to-follow service delivery model says that we will stick around until the end.

We leverage our service model to:

  • Implement the solution on a recurring basis
  • Deliver economies of scales and create value for our clients
  • Help increase your employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Understand the problems you face in relation to paying employee wages, managing payslips, holiday pay, taxation, etc., both nationally and internationally
  • Keep your team up to date on the current and latest payroll legislation
  • Strategise and execute solutions to payroll issues